I’m an Assistant Professor of Computational Astrophysics at The University of Georgia, USA. I am a member of The Department of Physics and Astronomy, and also the Center for Simulational Physics.

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Sheffield in 2013, where I discovered my enthusiasm for computational astrophysics under the supervision of Professor Simon Goodwin.

I then completed my PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2017 (awarded June 2017) with Professor Ken Rice, before relocating to Leicester in March 2017 as a Postdoctoral Research Associate, working with Dr. Richard Alexander on the ERC-funded project “BuildingPlansS”.

In October 2017, I became one of two in the inaugural class of Winton Exoplanet Fellows, which I commenced in April 2018 to pursue my own line of enquiry into our fundamental understanding of how exoplanetary systems are formed. You can read more about the Winton Fellowship here, and the press release from the University of Leicester here.

I accepted the position as a tenure-track professor at The University of Georgia, USA in April 2020, and relocated to the USA in October 2020.