I thoroughly enjoy any opportunities for outreach! Please go ahead and contact me if you would like me to speak at your event.

Skeptics in the Pub, Online! Skeptics in the Pub is a informal meeting of people who like to critically engage with science, philosophy, and social policy. You can watch my talk below!

Widdershins podcastbrings the truth behind science fiction from the minds of the worlds greatest scientific experts”. In what I can only assume is an increasingly complex case of mistaken identity, I was brought onto the show to talk about exoplanets. You can listen to my episode (S01E02) here, and explore other episodes below:

S04E04 – Alien Invasion with Dr Seth Shostak Widdershins Podcast

This week in my conversation with Seth Shostak, we chat about SETI and their search for intelligent extraterrestrial life and trying to find evidence that there’s someone out there, other than us. I first heard Seth in his TED talk where he made a very grand prediction that we will hear from aliens in the next decade so it was exciting to hear that he still believes this to be true.   See more from Dr Seth Shostak   #sethshostak   Website: https://www.seti.org/our-scientists/seth-shostak    Further Reading and Resources: This episode is based on Invasion of the Body Snachers by Jack Finney and can be purchased here. ET is (probably) out there — get ready – Seth Shostak   Follow Widdershins and please Rate and Review us in your favourite Podcast app so others can easily find Widdershins!   Visit our website: www.widdershinspodcast.com/ for member-only access and merchandise   Facebook: www.facebook.com/WiddershinsPodcast/   Twitter: https://twitter.com/WiddershinsP   Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/widdershins_podcast/   Email us: connect@widdershinspodcast.com   Widdershins proudly uses the services of Letitia Stafford – The Ultimate Podcasting Virtual Assistant 
  1. S04E04 – Alien Invasion with Dr Seth Shostak
  2. S04E03 – Astrobiology with Professor Paul Davies
  3. S04E02 – UFO's + The Government with Robert Powell
  4. S04E01 – Making Contact with Dr Douglas Vakoch
  5. S03EBonus – Quantum Computing with Dr Federico Carminati

Some photos from a science event at Clifton High School.